Monday, 6 February 2017

Marvelous Masks

This week the girls worked on a section of the Key to the Arts called Marvelous masks. We talked a little bit about the history of masks and how they were used on stage and in celebrations like Marti Gras. 

The girls learned about the primary and secondary colours and since we were going to be using diffusion paper in making their masks we talked about colour mixing and which colours look good paired with others. 

The girls used water colour paints to add colour to the diffusion paper mask elements. The masks and diffusion paper came out of a kit which really allowed the girls the flexibility to try mixing and matching the mask pieces they liked.

Once the pieces were painted and dried the girls assembled their masks. They all turned out great!

After the masks were made we played a little bit of charades. This was a badge testing night so girls who still needed to be tested were able to pop in and out of these activities as needed. Super fun night!

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