Monday, 13 February 2017

Pottery Studio Trip

This year we tried a new system of picking our program. In my unit we try to be as girl-focused as possible and do badges and challenges that our kids want to do. At our first camp we did a sticker vote to help decide on the interest badges we would do as a group. Overwhelmingly the girls wanted to complete the "Artist at Work" interest badge. 

This badge involves taking the girls to an art studio and watching how an artist works. In addition it asks you to try different types of art. We have already tried out more craft based projects so we thought it would be really fun to take the girls to a pottery studio.

We chose to take the kids to a paint your own pottery studio called Colour Me Mine. Each girl got to choose between a plate, bowl or cup to paint. Our local artist showed the girls how you needed to paint a minimum of three layers of each colour for it to really show through. We also talked about colour gradients and how the more layers of paint were added to the piece the deeper the colour. 

As the girls painted they chatted about their work often comparing designs and asking for help to recreate others ideas that they were admiring. As girls finished we formed small groups and our artist host took us to the back room to show us the kilns.

The girls learned about how hot the kilns get and how it takes over 18 hours to fire the pottery. They also discoverd that before the pieces go in the kiln they have to be coated in a blue top glaze. Don't worry the glaze when baked becomes clear so all of their wonderful paintings will shine through. 

We had an amazing time at the pottery studio and can't wait to see our pottery when its all fired and ready for pick up next week! Have you ever tried a trip like this with your unit?

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