Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Sparks Prep for International Night and Explore Some Guiding History

Thinking day is coming up soon and we are getting ready for some fun and exciting times. Every year our sparks unit gets together with 5 other units (various sparks - pathfinder groups) and run an international night. Every group picks a country and puts together a display with hat crafts, food and badges to sell. Each girl comes with a bad of change and we sell each of these items for about a quarter a piece. At the end all of the money is donated to the Canadian World Friendship Fund!

This year we chose the United Kingdom as our country for international night booth. The girls were very excited as they know a lot about the UK from being Pen Pals with the Binfield Rainbows Group. Together our Sparks group put together 30 crown jewel swaps to sell at the upcoming international night. 

In addition to making the swaps we thought it would be fun to talk about some girl guide history. Jellybean has a collection of vintage Brownie and Girl Guide uniforms that she brought with her to the meeting. With the help of my volunteer Spark Emmeline we learned about the different parts of the old Brownie uniform. After that we laid out various pieces and let the girls play dress up. They had a blast!

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