Monday, 30 January 2017

Dance and Song Night with the Sparks!

If you havn't had a dance and song night put it on your list of things you have to try! The Sparks and Brownies decided to get together and devoted a whole meeting to learning some new dances and songs. We had a blast and everyone who came earned their Sing Ontario Sing 2017 badges as well as the interest badge "Share your talent for Dance"!

We were so busy movin' and shakin' that we didn't get any photos but we learned the following songs and dances (In case you want to give them a try). Youtube is great if you need some help with the dance moves. 


- Hello Neighbour
- Chimes of Dunkirk
- Carmerusa
- Alleycat


- Tall Trees
- Boom Chika Boom!
- I'm being Eaten by a Boa Constrictor
- My Dog Rags
- Black Socks
- The Beaver Song
- 40 Days on an Iceburg
- Make New Friends

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