Monday, 23 January 2017

All about Applique

First Tawny Owl talked a little bit to the girls about what applique is. We talked about the art of adding images or scenes to fabric using other fabric, thread and embellishments like buttons and patches. She then brought out a pile of black drawstring bags for the girls to design and decorate. Tawny Owl was able to get the bags from her partner's work. By using these we were also able to talk to the girls a little bit about using what you have and reusing instead of buying new. 

Tawny Owl set out various tables of material and sewing supplies for the girls to use. Generally they would pick some supplies and then move to the floor to plan out their design. Once they were happy with the design (part of it or the whole thing) they would either work on sewing or glue gunning to attach the fabric.

While we would have loved to have the girls sew everything down on their bags it just wasn't feesible with so many kids and an hour and a half meeting. Luckily each girl got to try out sewing if even just for a few items on their bag. 

I was truly amazed with what the girls came up with. We had owls, rainbows, gardens, and swimming pools just to name a few. Some got really creative with buttons and others played with colour and texture. Most importantly everyone had a great time!

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