Thursday, 1 March 2018

Link Meet Up - Board Games Night!

What do you do in GGC after you turn 18? This is a common question for those who have gone through the Girl Guides of Canada program. What do you do after high school to stay involved in GGC? You are possibly off at college/university, maybe don't want to lead a unit but still want to stay involved with the community.


Created for women 18-30 LINK provides an open and flexible space for GGC women to stay involved with their community and do awesome, fun stuff. We even have a LINK Program now *Including Badges* that focuses on figuring out who you are and what paths are available to you in the areas of: Health and Wellness, Active Citizenship, Personal and Professional Development & Outdoors and Adventure. 

In Toronto we've been trying to get young guiders together to create a vibrant LINK group. Most recently we've had a great night of board games to get to know people in our community! If you are a GGC member between 18-30 consider joining LINK and come have a great time with us!

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