Monday, 26 February 2018

Girls First Test Activities: All About Art!

This year we were so excited to be picked as a test unit for some of the new Girl's First Activities. I LOVE the new program and am taking every opportunity to jump in and share the new stuff with my Brownies. This year we were completing our "Key to the Arts" so of course we were delighted when the test activity we were sent aligned with our planned out meeting focus. 

The Girls First activity we were reviewing looked at art and creativity. Each girl was given paper, markers and a sticker. Using the sticker and their imagination they had to create a picture/scene. After a few minutes they were surprised by given a second sticker that they would have to incorporate into their drawing. And then a third sticker! 

At first I was skeptical of this activity. I didn't think it would be exciting enough to interest the girls. However I have to admit I was so, so wrong on this one. The Brownies LOVED this activity. They liked the novelty of being given new stickers to work with and I think it really stretched their thinking. It also provided a unique activity for sharing. Since no one had done something like this before there was a more relaxed feel. The girls didn't compare their art work to others in a judgemental way of seeing which was "best". They just love to see what everyone came up with. 

After this warm up activity we moved onto the main test activity which was marbling paper with shaving cream and food colouring. This was a cool science experiment/art activity and the girls had a great time working in teams to marble the paper every which way. 

We had a bit of time left at the end of this meeting so we pulled out the glue guns and bits and pieces from the craft cupboard and let the girls make SWAPS! They LOVE making and trading crafts and its so nice to have no "end product" in mind. Just make whatever you want to make. 

This was a super fun meeting and I really hope that these activities make it into the new Girls First program!

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