Monday, 26 March 2018

Wood Works

One of my favourite activities to do with the Brownies is building with tools. While we do a lot of crafts and art with the girls but there is something about creating with wood, hammers and nails that I just love. I feel like often kids, especially girl's don't get chances very often to develop building and construction tools. As a result they tend to get really excited when we pull out the hammers and safety glasses. 

Our Tawny Owl Alison is the master of finding good activities and good deals when it comes to stuff for Brownies. She called me one weekend and said "I found the coolest thing for Brownies at Homedepot. I've got the meeting planned for Monday."

Alison found these amazing picture frame kits on sale for $5/piece. They came with all of the wood pieces (precut and drilled), nails, finishings, even the clear plastic covers to act as glass. This coupled with some borrowed hammers and safety goggles from the school that I teach at and we had a meeting. 

The girls worked in partners sharing a pair of safety goggles and hammer. Before we started building we all chatted about safety and the different kinds of tools we'd be using. The girls were so careful and took great care in assembling their picture frames. I'm happy to report there were no injuries just a lot of smiles.

Building the frames took about 1/2 of the meeting so for the second half we pulled out the craft cupboard paints and let the girls decorate! If you are looking to do some building/woodworking with your unit I highly suggest checking out these craft kits. Happy Building!

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