Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Sparks - Uniquely Me!

This fall my Sparks group is working toward their Being Me Keeper. So far we’ve talked a lot about being kind and how to be a good friend. We’ve paired up with a Rainbows unit in the UK and are learning about other countries and the customs other people have.

This week we wanted to look at what makes us special and unique. In order to explore this idea the girls made memory boxes and our Brownie helper Rebecca read the Sparks a story about being themselves. Rebecca is working on her "Helping Sparks" Interest Badge. She decided to read the girls the story The Princess and the Pony. The Sparks loved it!


After the story the girls decorated wooden boxes and we took photos of each girl to put on the front. Inside the girls have started to collect special treasures that we hope to bring in later in the year to share with the group.

One very special thing we did before this project was to discuss nice words we could use to describe ourselves. Along with the craft supplies we had the girls add positive trait word stickers to their memory boxes. We hope that they feel empowered and proud when they open their memory boxes and read all of the kind words that describe them!

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