Monday, 14 November 2016

Brownie Enrolment!

Brownie Enrolment is always a special celebration. The girls have a lot to prepare and do before enrolment. They need to be put in a fairy circle, establish leaders and routines. They have to learn their promise, motto, law, hand sign. We really try to get the girls to know that this is a very important and respected ceremony. The parents come, there is a reception afterwards. The girls are always super excited.

I never get good pictures of Enrolment because i'm usually the on talking to parents and calling up each girl for their promise, pins and badges. However, THIS YEAR my awesome new co-leader Alison was our photographer! Below are some pictures from our ceremony. We always do a joint enrolment with our Sparks group so the Brownies were able to be a supportive audience for our littlest Girl Guide members.

At our Brownie Enrolment we always try to emulate parts of the "Brownie Story" we have a magic pool (emergency blanket) and a wise old owl. The Brownies come up one at a time and they get twisted and turned around reciting the rhyme. "Twist me and turn me and show me an elf. I look in the water and there see" They fill in the word "Myself!" 

After visiting the Magic Pool the girl will recite her Brownie Promise and show her Brownie hand sign. Then she gets her enrolment certificate, badges and enrolment pin. We like doing it this way so every girl gets her special moment. 

Each of the girls got their badges on a special Owl card. They were made so they didn't lose their badges but doubled as a pretty keepsake. I coloured the cards and laminated them so once the girls took the badges off of them to add to their sashes they would still have a reminder of the night.

To conclude our Enrolment Ceremony the girls did the Grand Howl for their parents. Such a great event. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

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