Monday, 21 November 2016

Brownies Connect!

This year the girls decided that they wanted to complete the "Pen Pals" interest badge. With the help of a local Girl Guiding Facebook group we were able to find a Brownies group in Essex UK, the 1st Wickford Brownie Unit. 

We talked with the girls about the differences between Girl Guides in the UK vs. Canada. We looked at the differences in Uniforms, Guiding Levels and Activities.

In their fairy circle groups the girls came up with some questions they wanted to ask the girls in the UK Group. They each individually filled out an "All About Me" sheet. We asked that the girls in our pen pals unit filled out these sheets too so we could learn more about each girl. 

After the girls finished their letters we did a few quick crafts. The Pen Pals badge asks the girls to colour a picture of the uniforms of girls in another country. We looked at the UK Brownies yellow and brown uniform. The girls coloured these in and added them to their memory books. 

In addition to our letters we wanted to send our pen pals a small gift. The girls created Canadian flag hat crafts for our Pen Pals. Each girl made 2 hat crafts, one to give and one to keep. That way if any of our girls meet their pen pals they will have the hat craft in common. 

We had such a fun time writing to our pen pals and can't wait to see what they send us! Have you ever give Pen Pals a try?

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