Saturday, 29 October 2016

Sparks Enrolment Prep!

The 78th Toronto Sparks are eagerly awaiting their enrolment ceremony. They've learned their songs, made new friends and are now ready to make their Sparks Promise in front of friends and family. 

For our enrolment we are decorating using a Fall colours theme. Guider Alison found these really cool leaves made out of diffusing paper. The sparks coloured the leaves and then spritzed water on them to make the colours blend. We used these to make the path the girls will walk down. 

In addition to the Fall Leaves pathway we decided that we needed to make a unit flag. Working together the girls made the flag adding their own names and sparkly stickers to the Pink fabric. We now happily display the flag at meetings and other special events. 

Finally Guider Alison brainstormed with the girls what kinds of food they'd like to have at their enrolment ceremony. After making a list each girl picked something to bring. Its going to be a great time!

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