Monday, 3 October 2016

Beginning a New Brownie Year!

Fall has arrived and that means its time for Brownies to start up again. We've had about three meetings so far and the girls have really started getting into a rhythm. Over the past few weeks we've been looking at what it means to be a Brownie including learning about our uniforms, badges, fairy circles, cookies and more!

On our first night we worked on learning our Brownie Opening and Promise, Motto & Law. The girls are still working on remembering the songs and Promise but the 2nd year girls are being amazing leaders and helping the new girls out. 

Our second meeting was very busy as we worked on learning about our Brownie uniform and trying reef knots. The girls created paper dolls with special Brownie Uniforms and sewed dues pouches to attach to their sashes. The dues pouches were inspired by the belt pouches we had when I was a girls but the ones we made were much smaller.

At our third meeting we worked to complete our Cookies Rising Badge. Before we got started with cookies we wanted to create a group contract and list of rules we thought we should have at Brownies. Tawny Owl ran this session with teh girls, starting with looking at what the Brownie Promise, Motto & Law mean and how we can emulate those traits at our Brownie Meetings

The girls came up with some some amazing rules such as 

- Not Excluding Others

- Respect the People Around us
- Encourage Others
- Lend a Hand
- Be Honest
- Stick Together
- Share
- Be a Family

After coming up with our Brownie Meeting Rules all of the girls and owls signed the board and agreed to follow the statements. 

After the contract was created, we jumped into learning about cookies! 

First we started off by playing the Do/Do Not Cookie selling game. Brown Owl read off statements such as:

- We should walk on the grass when cookie selling
- We should always wear uniform when selling cookies
- You should always sell cookies with a buddy

and the girls had to run to a Do or Do Not sign posted in the room. Overall the girls' cookie knowledge was very good and this game was a good way to clear up any misunderstandings they had. 

Next was another running game called Birds nest. In the girls Fairy Circle teams the girls raced to find cards on the floor that covered all of the ingredients to bake cookies. They loved this game so much that we played it several times - lots of laughs and cheers with this one! 

The last activity we had of the night was to set a group and personal cookie selling goal. As a group we brainstormed what we wanted to spend our cookie money on. 

In our group we divide the $12.25 of profit form each case of cookies sold in the following manner - $5 goes to the individual girl who sold the case for camp/other group outtings that have an additional cost, $5 goes to the unit for supplies, $2.25 goes into the hands of the girls to decide what to do with 

The girls came up with lots of great ideas including - having a PJ Party, Donating money to Fort McMurray Guide Units, Going to a Musical, Going to the Movies and going to camp! All fantastic suggestions. We will see just how many we can cross off the list with our Fall cookie sales.

The girls have been having a great time at meetings and can't wait for our upcoming camp weekend. Its going to be a blast!

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