Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Meeting up with Toronto LINK!

I've been involved in guiding for a long time and I have met so many wonderful people. I love going to larger events because I get to meet new friends, share ideas and share in the sisterhood of guiding. A little while ago I had the opportunity to join the girl guiding group: Ontario LINK. 

Link is a group for guiders between 18-30. The members seem to all be at different stages of their lives from being in University/college, active with units or helping out here and there. While there are no official meetings or events for LINK members we have access to each other's contact information and are encouraged to plan things to do together.

I saw that BC council had just come out with a LINK focused challenge that works to raise awareness about LINK as well as give guiders some ideas of what their LINK groups can do. I contacted all of the guiders currently registered with LINK in Toronto and within a week we had 7 people all organized for a dinner at a local restaurant. 

It was so fun to meet these ladies who I'd never never met before but felt an instant connection with. Natalia said that when she was coming to the dinner her friend questioned her saying "So you're just going to have dinner with strangers?!' and we all agreed that although we were technically 'strangers' we were sisters at the same time. 

We ended up staying at the restaurant for two and a half hours chatting about guiding as kids, our current units, things we wanted to do and how we could complete this challenge together. In the next year our LINK group hopes to get together on a semi-regular basis. We have plans for a winter camp at Camp Ademac where we will make s'mores, go snow shoeing and make "Bum Bucket Seats" for campfires. We want to complete some service work together as well as have some awesome socializing opportunities such as dinners, movies and "crafternoons."

I had such a wonderful time with the Ladies from LINK and i can't wait to meet up for more fun times later in the year! Are you a member of LINK? If so come out and join us for some fun!

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