Monday, 11 July 2016

Community 18 Sharing Night!

A while back I was in a Facebook conversation with some frustrated guiders. It seems that as adult members we all love getting together and sharing ideas. However, sharing nights put together by provincial and local guiding groups keep getting canceled due to lack of registration. It seems that everyone is so busy, that getting a group of guiders together is a real challenge. Distance, cost and time/dates can all be stumbling blocks for these kinds of events. I put out an all-call, asking guiders in my community if they would be interested in a sharing night - a very informal one and got a good response so started planning. 

After conducting some surveys and polls on both the the Community 18 Facebook page, and Girl Guides Ontario - Unofficial Facebook Page we had a group of about 25-30 guiders interested in the event. Unfortunately, the only time that would work for the Church booking was at the beginning of Mosaic so some guiders weren't able to attend due to that commitment. On the night of we had 12 guiders from all over Toronto and the surrounding areas join us for an evening of sharing and fun. 

I wish that I was able to get more pictures during the event but i was too busy having fun with my fellow guiders! We had some wonderful chats about camp, unit procedures, and trips/events. Guider Maureen Robertson brought in a slew of crafts and resources from a previous training she did and we all learned how to make a fold out photo album! 

I was able to share my Brownie Interactive journals, various crafts and most importantly our Community 18 Google Drive. This online platform has become a HUGE resource for our community. Its been so nice to see everyone adding to this online resource. Its up to over 100 files so far! Feel free to check it our here:

Even though it was small, I think the sharing night was a big success. I received many emails from the guiders who attended saying that they had a good time and learned a lot. I am hoping to host another sharing night sometime closer to the Fall - maybe it will become a new tradition!

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