Monday, 2 May 2016

Did Someone Say Cookies?

This year in Ontario we had a small mix up with our Spring cookie order which caused a delay in cookie pick up. While we were really concerned about being able to sell all of our cookies in this short window of time we knew that if the girls all worked together we could do it! Today for our weekly meeting we met at our local library and sold cookies door to door throughout the neighbourhood. 

 The girls had a Blast selling cookies! We had to review some selling rules a few times (not walking on peoples' lawns, selling with a buddy) but overall they did great. We were able to sell just over 6 cases in 1 1/2 hours which combined with our 8 cases from a cookie booth sale the day before brings us up to 14 cases 
in just 2 days!

We are super proud of our Brownies. They have really taken on the cookie selling challenge this year and we cant wait to use their earned funds to make the rest of the year super fun!

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