Monday, 4 April 2016

Water, Water Everywhere

We have just finished up with our Key to Active Living programming and are moving into our second last Key badge to earn of the year - The Key to the Living World. My girls have been super excited about this Key because it involves animals and learning lots of new things about the environment.

We have had a very strange Spring weather wise. Last week girls were running around in short sleeves and this week its snowing. Since we couldn't pass up the opportunity for fun in the snow we moved up out meeting about water and started outside by finding the hidden water outside. The girls looked at snow, icicles, our local creek and the semi-frozen mud on the baseball diamond. In addition to looking at sources of water the girls got to see some animal tracks and play some games in the snow. 

After some time outside we moved back indoor to do some water experiments with Snowy Owl and water colour paints with Brown  and Pink Owl. 

In this meeting we completed half of the requirements of the "Water, Water Everywhere" interest badge. I made up a page for the girls' interactive journal for them to complete the rest of the badge requirements at home if they wanted to. 

You can download the interest badge page here:

The girls had a great time learning about water. What kinds of activities does your unit do to learn about water?

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