Monday, 18 April 2016

Grow Your Garden!

This week our Brownies are continuing to work on their Key to the Living World. After learning about water last week our girls have shifted their focus to plants and the process of growing. We are so lucky that our wonderful leader Snowy Owl has a background in Horticultural therapy and had some very innovative ways to teach the girls about plants. 

Instead of teaching the girls how to plant seeds, Snowy Owl taught them how to propagate plants. This is when you take cuttings of a plant and root them in new pots of soil. The plants then grow from the cutting making more and more plants. 

The girls learned all about different kinds of soils, the importance of water and sunlight and how best to take care of their very own plant. After everyone had a new plant buddy to take home we played a few games and worked on our Brownie memory books. What a wonderful meeting!

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