Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Grocery Store Visit

This year my Brownie unit is working on their Key to my Community badge and Key to Active Living Badges. For the last few weeks we've been exploring the questions "what makes up a community" and "How do we stay healthy and strong" During today's meeting we visited a local grocery store which helped us answer both of these questions. Whats even better is that our local Sparks unit was able to tag along too which made our outing even more fun!

Led by Pink owl our Brownies and Sparks took part in a grocery store scavenger hunt. If you are planning on doing a grocery store tour with your unit remember to call ahead! Our local Metro was happy to have us and were very accommodating but they did say that they appreciated the head's up. 

Our girls found all sorts of interesting fruits and vegetables that they've never seen before, looked at the differences in whole wheat vs. standard pasta and explored a ton of healthy food options. 

The best part of this meeting was when we each gave the girls $2.00 and asked them to find and purchase some items for the food bank. This led to some amazing conversations about how expensive food can be and how it can be difficult to buy fresh, healthy food with very little money. Many of the girls pooled their money and were able to stretch their donations even further. 

At the end of the meeting our Sparks and Brownies ended up donating over 100 items to the Daily Harvest Food bank!

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