Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Thinking Day 2016!

Happy Thinking Day!

Every year the local guiding units in my area of Don Mills get together for Thinking Day. This has become a tradition for about 5 years and we all agree that is a fabulous way to bridge with all of the units (from sparks to rangers) and really share in the sisterhood of guiding. This year we chose to complete the WAGGGS 2016 Thinking Day badge that challenged us to connect both locally and globally. 

We began our night by all learning the song and dance "Hey There Neighbour." The Sparks and Brownies already knew this song so they had a great time teaching the older girls. Once learned we did this as a whole group activity with over 80 guiders!

After singing and dancing with everyone, the girls got together in groups to create happiness superheroes. The Sparks graciously volunteered to be the superhero models and the groups loved sharing their superheroes' happiness powers!

After a tasty snack the girls got back into activities. The Pathfinders ran some games native to the world guiding centre Our Chalet and the Rangers helped the younger girls create their own paper guiding dolls we are calling "Flat Stellas". Michele, our Pathfinder/Ranger guider is heading to Guiding Mosaic this year and will be bringing along our Thinking Day Stellas. If you see them around take a picture and tweet it out with the hashtag #DonMills Guiding telling us who you are and where your from. We hope to connect with as many people from across Canada as possible!

What did your unit do for Thinking Day?

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