Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Brownie Summer Projects - Volume 2

So after camp I took my annual "Break from all things Girl Guide". I get to a point in the year where I am burnt out and don't want to think about another camp, fairy circle, craft or toadstool. I think its important to take this time away - its a way to step back and let yourself get to a point where you miss GGC and want to get back to it.

As always after about 6 weeks of doing nothing Girl Guide related I jump right into project mode and work on some new fun things for the year ahead. Last year it was some things got our fairy circles as well as my Girl Guide Peg People. This year i had some other things in mind

Twist Me, Turn Me and Show Me an Elf....

Enrollment is always a big deal for us. I have a soft spot for tradition and all things to do with Brownie fairies, toadstools and wise old owls. We typically stick to an enchanted forest theme for enrollment but I feel like our decorating often falls flat. In the past we've just had a mirror on the floor for a magic pool, last year i got fancy and put out a big emergency blanket. Neither option i was particularly happy about. They didn't really capture the magic I was going for and they looked oh-so-crappy in pictures.

So introducing the Brownie Magic Pond!

Made out of felt and a shaped emergency blanket this little pond i think will add to the atmosphere of the enrollment ceremony in the fall. There is a little stone path for the girls to walk up and the emergency blanket provides a shimmery reflection. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

SWAPS Banner

The second project I wanted to work on this summer was a place to keep all of my SWAPS crafts. I have a backpack and a camp hat that i keep most of my SWAPS on but they are getting so full that things are starting. I decided I wanted a central place to keep all of my SWAPS that could show them off but also take them on and off easily. This is what i came up with.

Made out of felt its a pretty simple design. I just took a rectangular piece of felt and sewed the end to a point. Then I folded over the top of the fabric and sewed it to make a sort of sleeve. I ran a dowel through this sleeve and attached a ribbon to act as a hanger. Then you just fill it with all of your SWAPS. Easy, simple and pretty - a great project for a weekend.

Brownie/Sparks Cupboard Clean Out

We are very lucky to have a crafts cupboard at our meeting space. Unfortunately as the year goes by it gets very, very messy. Things don't get put away properly and craft stuff gets out of control. This year I got together with our Sparks leader (who happens to be my mother in law) and spent the afternoon sorting, purging and reorganizing everything. The final result was awesome. We were both able to clean out some GGC supplies from our own houses and fit it into the cupboard and overall it looks much cleaner then it did before. I just wish i had remembered to take a "Before" picture!

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