Monday, 5 June 2017

Brownies 2017 Advancement!

The year is coming to a close and that means Advancement. We had a VERY busy year full of all sort of amazing things. Weekly meetings, challenges, outings, camps - you name it we did it.

I'm always looking for new ideas for our Advancement Ceremony. I've never been great at putting together those elaborate themed ceremonies I always see on facebook. We usually go for simple, short and classic. The girls each get their moment on stage, we do some of our songs and traditions and then we all eat cake. Its a great system. This year we also added a slideshow of the year which was a huge hit. They get awarded their remaining badges from the year and the second year girls go home with a special gift. 

The second years in our unit are awarded their "Key to Brownies" necklace when they leave us to head off to guides. This is something I remember my Brown Owl doing when I was a girl. The girls love it and the first years are always so excited to get their necklaces at the next advancement when they are in second year. 

My wonderful Brownies - Brave, smart, confident girls. I am so proud of them and all of their accomplishments this year! Thanks for an amazing 2016-2017!

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