Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The 2nd Year Girls Visit the Guides

This is my third year being a Brownie leader. My very first year I had 12 little Brownies. They add ahd a good time with me but when it came to moving up only one of my 6 eligible girls moved up to Guides. I know that Brownie aged kids have a lot of other activities to choose from but i thought we could do better then only one kid continuing. 

The next year along with my local guide leader and friend Cathy, we arranged for the girls to come and visit a guide meeting. The girls had a blast, learning all about different kinds of dance and hanging out with the "big kids" That year of the 3 girls who came to the guides meeting 2 of the girls signed up for the unit for September (the other moved out of the country). 

This year we tried the guide meeting again and ended up taking 11 girls. They had a great time learning all about water and seeing their friends from last year that had moved up. The girls got to see what guiding was like and what kinds of fun they could expect to try our the following year. I am happy to report that of the 11 girls who went to that meeting 8 are signed up for guides next year!!!!!!! The others are planning on signing up but haven't quite gotten around to signing up yet. I would call that success. 

I highly recommend you taking your advancing girls to see what the next level is all about. We do a lot of bridging in our area but having the just the Brownies and Guides allowed our girls to really feel what its like to be a part of the guide team. 

Good luck in Guides Girls!

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