Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Presenting Brownie Badges

I love badges. I love earning them and sewing them to my blanket. My Brownies also love badges and looking at all of the pretty patches that they've earned for all of their hard work. 

I try to make handing out badges special. I like to present them in a way so that the girls can see all of the badges out and presented but also a way that is easy for me to see whose badges are for who. Below are some ways that we've handed out badges to the girls in the past. Maybe you'll see something that inspires you. 

Hot Glued to a Laminated Card with Girl's Name

This method is probably my most polished and most used look. I primarily hand out badges like this for Advancement and Enrollment so the girls have something really pretty they can hold in front of them for pictures. One year I coloured in Owls and Laminated them for Enrollment. They looked amazing but were a TON of work (and didn't hold that many badges in the end) so I probably won't do them again. 

Hot Glued to a Ribbon

The second method I use to hand out badges is to attach them to some sort of ribbon. Often I'll do this before the winter holiday and purchase some foam shapes (snowflakes, snowmen) from the dollar store to jazz up the name plate on the top. This is far less work then printing and laminating cards but it is a little tricky to hot glue the badges to the ribbon (you get a lot of hot glue on your fingers). I suggest working on wax paper so you don't get the hot glue all over your dining room table... not that I know this from experience.

In a Little Pastic Bag

Very quick but still looks neat and tidy. Print off the names, staple to filled bags and you are done. The girls don't get to see all they've earned without opening up the bag, but it will keep them all contained until they all go home. 

Quick and Dirty 

While i'd love to always have time to present the girls their badges in the most beautiful ways there are only so many hours in a day. While it doesn't always feel like it I do have a life outside of GGC, *gasp* so sometimes things just have to get done quick. Staple badges to paper, handwrite girl's name. Girls get their badges and they don't get lost/mixed up - win/win. 

No matter how they are presented the girls love getting the badges that represent their hard work. How do you hand out badges to your girls?

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