Monday, 22 January 2018

The Awesomeness of Resuable Dishes!

Just a short post to talk about my newfound love of reusable dishes - primarily my IKEA plates/cups/bowls & cutlery. 

We have at least 3 potluck/celebrations a year - Enrollment, Halloween Party and Advancement. Every year I disposable plates and every year the plates are huge, the girls eat so much junk and there is so much waste. My guider friend Cathy has had the same set of IKEA plates for her guide unit for years and I asked her reasoning behind it - mainly is it worth all of the washing? I came to the conclusion that for the cost of disposable plates for 3 events I could get 30 plates/cups/bowls & cutlery which would serve us for years. They are a good size for kids (not gigantic), don't fold under the weight of food, don't get knocked over as easily and most importantly we are helping the environment by not throwing out one use dishes. 

So now after each event my dishwasher is a sea of rainbow plastic. Its really not that hard to take home a plastic bag of dirty plates and they store quite nicely in my basement. 

I'm glad we've switched over to reusable and I'm hoping I can encourage some other units to give it a try as well!

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