Monday, 29 May 2017

Unicorn Challenge from the UK!

So this past summer I was in England visiting family and I got to see what Guiding is like across the pond. Spoiler its awesome! One thing I LOVE about the UK guiding model is that groups create challenges/challenge badges as fundraisers. This results in a huge amount of things you can do with your kids and some amazing badges. While I was over there I picked up some adorable Unicorn Challenge Badges to do back home with the Sparks. 

First up was a craft. The Sparks were given various pieces of felt, some stuffing and a headband and sewed their own unicorn horn and ears. We used rainbow thread so they all came out sparkly and unique. We made these first so the girls ended up wearing them for the entire meeting. It was adorable. 

After the craft was a unicorn game. It was a little bit like what time is it Mr. Wolfe but "What time is it Mrs. Unicorn"

And of course what is a unicorn party without some sugar? Our leader Jellybean happily taught the girls how to make rainbow cupcakes. They had blue icing for the sky and then fruit roll up for the rainbow and mini marshmallows for the clouds. Super cute!

Here are our lovely unicorns. I think this was one of the best meetings of the year!

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  1. Love this! We are designing a unicorn themed wide game for our unit - this is good inspiration! You don't happen to have the challenge pack do you?