Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Sparks Prepare for Winter!

Its starting to snow here in Canada and we were looking for a fun winter activity that we could do with our Sparks. When surfing one of the Canadian Girl Guides Facebook pages we saw an amazing idea by a guider who sewed simple tassel hats with her sparks. We LOVED this idea and new we had to try it out. 

Guider Alison did all the prep for this meeting - Bless her. She sewed the hats so all the girls had to do was cut the tassels and tie them together. She also made up some scarves that the girls could add tassels to as well. 

At first the girls were skeptical of this whole thing. None of them thought that they could actually make a wearable winter hat by themselves. It was so wonderful to see their faces when they stuck with it and were able to go home with their very own hats and scarves!

After the girls finished their hats they decided to do some colouring in their Sparks Memory Books. They have decided in the last few weeks that they prefer working on their books in the middle in the meeting space floor instead of at the craft tables. Whatever works I guess?

We had such a great time with this craft and so glad to have found the original post on Facebook. Love it when we can all share ideas!

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